The Fantastic Festival

Congratulations Hawk Class! Your performance at the festival was outstanding. You really sang your hearts out and smiled from ear to ear, despite the hot weather.

Thank you for your amazing effort.

From Team Hawk


Our Excellent Marble Runs

This week, Hawk Class has spent time designing and making marvellous marble runs.

First we had to sketch two different designs before choosing our final design. Next we had to get some pieces of wood before measuring and sawing them to make a jinx frame. When we were sawing we made sure we were very safe by holding the saw carefully and putting our fingers into a claw position.

Then we picked six pieces of smooth balsa wood to make our fantastic challenges. Hopefully these will make good obstacles for our marbles when we play with them.

After that, we painted the marble run and decorated them with lots of fabulous paints. They now look really colourful and the class are really looking forward to playing with them.IMG_0086IMG_0087IMG_0089

Hawk’s thoughts on making marble runs:

  • Claudia thought they were really fun to make and now she wants to make more things with saws and wood.
  • Molly thought it was really fun because we worked as a team and people didn’t argue.
  • Lewis was scared when he got the saws out. Although he did find them quite hard but he enjoyed using them.
  • Josh liked the saw noises.
  • Sofia liked sawing because it was fun.\
  • Blake enjoyed making our marble runs because we don’t usually get to make anything with saws.
  • Darcy thought it was really fun because she had never used saws before and she likes painting.
  • Marya loved cutting the wood with the saws because she had never done it before.


A performance from our Brownies

Marya, Sophie and Molly are part of their local Brownies group and in order to gain a new badge they were very brave and performed in front of the class. They sang two songs beautifully, which the class really enjoyed listening to. They even had special outfits and created their own props to make the performance even more interesting. Well done girls! Hopefully you will have your new badges soon.


Animation Day

Yesterday, Hawk Class had the amazing opportunity to learn the intricate skill of stop motion animation. It was hosted by Angela, who has worked on world famous programs such as Wallace and Gromit and Pingu. The children were certainly inspired and were all able to create their own characters and short films.

Hawk Class enjoyed…

  • Claudia thought it was really fun because we actually got to make something and Molly put lots of eyes on an alien and that was really funny.
  • James liked building Super Dog. It was funny when Super Dog wrapped his hands around some sausages.
  • Maisie liked creating the actual animation.
  • Blake thought it was creative because we got to make our own characters.
  • Eden liked it because Oscar, Lewis and I made an old man, with three eyes, play a guitar. It was very funny.
  • Amelia thought it was really spectacular because I got be creative and make my own character.

Inspired by Angles

In Hawk Class, we have combined our mathematical understanding of acute, obtuse and right angles with Kandinsky’s abstract art.

We started the lesson identifying the various angles on the floor before using these angles to create art. The class were able to create exciting abstract pieces which were full of colour and shapes.

Hawk’s can you find your work?

STEM week

Last week we took part in a whole PAT event to celebrate STEM week. Science, Technology, Engineering,Maths. Our task was to design a pollution free car. The children came up with some innovative ideas. We took our designs and ideas to Ralph Allen School on Tuesday night. It was really exciting to see and share all the ideas on display. Thank you to all those that came along to support this event. Hannah, Max, Blake, Sofia and Molly were great ambassadors for the class. Well done!