Our Snow White big write!

In Hawk Class, we are writing a different version of Snow White and this will take us three weeks! Today, we have been writing the opening in which we have focused on setting the scene.  This has been particularly exciting for us because we are writing in our shimmering, brand new exercise books.

To build up to it, first we read the Victorian Grimm Brother’s fairy tale of Snow White and noticed several differences, for example there were more than just poison apples and the dwarfs don’t have names. Next we drew a plan of Snow White’s gloomy, yet wonderful world to help fill our imaginations.

Harvey and Charlie were keen to share their work…

“The deep, dark forest is scary with lots of creepy noises.” by Charlie

“Below the window, hanging by a thread were five turquoise icicles and they were as sharp as knives.” by Harvey

We’ll keep you updated.


For now goodbye,

From Hawk Class


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