Head teachers awards 26.02.16

Well done to Ethan, Reuben and Theo!

They were captivated by the STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) workshop. The boys thought carefully about their wind turbine designs and when adjustments and improvements had to be made to their prototype, they used the growing technical understanding.

Budding engineers!



Wonderful wind turbines

Yesterday, Hawk Class enjoyed a visit from Bath University.

Firstly, we learned about electricity and how important it is in our lives.We then looked at modern energy sources such as solar, water and wind power.

After that, we went to our tables and designed our fabulous wind turbines. Then we agreed, in our teams, on how we would make the turbines and then we got creating.

We tested our turbines and found that:

  • If you put your wind blades at an angle the turbine would spin faster
  •  If you put a straw behind the blade it would make it stronger
  • If the turbine was lighter it would spin faster
  • For some turbines you needed to change the angle of the wind.


Hawk Class would definitely recommend this wonderful workshop because…..

“It is fun and  you can learn a lot.” said Willis.

” It’s fun to see how the wind turbines are built and how they work.” said Reuben.

“I liked challenging myself to work out where all the bits go!” said Bella.

Hawk Class would recommend this workshop to scientists, Eagle Class and Osprey Class.

These are photos that our teacher took while we were building them. We hope you enjoy looking at them.

Poetry performance

In true Victorian style, the children of Hawk Class were asked to learn a poem from that era by heart. They practised in groups over the week and considered  strategies that would help them to become word perfect! These included chanting, writing down the words and using actions.

Hawk Class performed their poems beautifully. They even tried their best to use expression, intonation and a clear voice when the performed.

Great job team!

Here’s a snap shot of the session…


A new funky fruit!

Nin Hao!

As part of our history and geography week, we have been exploring China.

We were brave and tried a new fruit from China called an Asian pear. We thought the pear looked like a mixture between a potato, an apple and a pear. It was juicy and had the texture of a watermelon and was sweet like a pear . It was crunchy and delicious like an apple.

Harry said “It was the best fruit I have ever had!”

Charlotte thought “It was very yummy!”

Poppy said “It was scrumptious.”

Hawk Class recommend that you try one.



Random acts of kindness

Over the last couple of weeks, Hawk Class have been considering kindness. We have been thinking about how small and ‘random’ acts of kindness can positively impact somebodies day.

Each child was given a dafodil to colour and keep safe in their draws. When they had completed a kind act they could add their flower to our vase. 

Our vase is looking beautiful and only continues to grow. What a kind class!