Growing Our Own

Over the last few weeks, Hawk Class have began planting a variety of different vegetables in the raised beds outside our classroom.    

 We now have peas, butternut squash, radishes, lettuce, spring onions and broad beans growing slowly.

  The children have watched the seeds closely and were over the moon when the broad beans sprouted!

While Mrs Norgan has taken the broad beans and butternut squash home to look after over the holidays we will have to keep our fingers crossed for the rest. 

Next term we have purple carrots, yellow beetroot and pak choi to plant. Hopefully we will be able to cook some exciting new dishes.

What are you looking forward to growing next?

What would you like to cook?


Easter Egg Hunt

Hawk Class teamed up with Eagle today for an exciting Easter egg hunt.

We carefully chose locations for our chocolate eggs and wrote descriptive clues for our buddies in Eagle Class. We had great fun hiding our eggs in the junior playground and really enjoyed  deciphering the challenging clues Eagle had set us. We even had to ask for their help at one one point.

A snapshot of our favourite bits:

  • Todd managed to find three other peoples eggs, as well as his own!
  • Lucy found it lots of fun because it was extremely challenging.
  • Esther had to hunt in lots of different places.
  • Corey and Summer loved finding their eggs.
  • Willis found it difficult not to eat his egg.
  • Theo like reading the riddles.
  • Sian enjoyed writing the clues as we as finding the eggs.
  • Although Harry had lots of fun he found it very challenging.

We can’t wait to eat our chocolate eggs at home!

Happy Easter Hawk Class!

Designing and creating cam toys

Yesterday we designed and made our very own cam toys inspired by the popular Victorian children’s toy.

We learned many important skills such as how to use a saw safely and how to make a ‘Jinks’ frame. Mrs Norgan was amazed by our independence as we worked from our very own jobs list, ticking each task off as we went.

Perseverance was also a very important skill, as there were times when things got tricky! Lots of us had to re-stick or change the direction of something. However, our toys are fantastic and we can’t wait to take them home.

Here’s a flavour of our best bits…

  • Theo enjoyed punching holes in the triangles
  • Charlotte enjoyed sawing by herself
  • Helena enjoyed gluing the triangles because she had to really use her eyes to place it in the right place.
  • Coby liked cutting the triangles out because it was like a puzzle
  • Harry liked making the picture for the top of his cam. It made the finished cam look much better
  • Isobel liked drawing the pictures
  • Lucy enjoyed cutting the tube because she found that if you twisted the tube it made it easier
  • Jacob enjoyed putting the bits together because it was fun to see how it fitted and how you can use the triangles
  • Willis enjoyed playing with it when it was finished
  • Sophie like sawing because she could use the sharp saw
  • Molly enjoyed the sawing too because she had never used a saw before



Making sail cars

As part of Science Week, we had a go at making wind powered sail cars.

We asked questions such as; How does the wind make things move? What could this power be used for in real life and we even decided to test whether the size of the sail affects the speed of the car.

To make sure our test was fair, we had to keep most variables the same. For example, we used the same materials, we used the same wheel, and the same race track. The only variable we changed was the shape of the sail.

Hawk class had great fun building their sail cars and even though it was sometimes a little fiddly, I was really impressed with their perseverance. We turned the carpet into a race track, powered the cars with a fan and timed each race with a stopwatch. It was extremely nail-biting!

First we recorded the results in a table and then plotted them onto a graph to see if we could spot any patterns.


We found that the larger the sail the faster the sail car could travel. This was because there was a larger surface area to be caught by the wind. However, we also found that no matter the size of the sail, the car could not travel faster than two seconds.

What a morning of discovery!



Head teachers awards: 11.03.16

Well done Charlie and Harry!

I was incredibly impressed with Charlie’s attitude to maths this week. We have spent a lot of time learning about 2D,  3D shape, angles and lines and there was always a huge grin on his face. Charlie was keen to answer as many questions as possible, he challenged himself with ‘spicy’ tasks and helped others were he could. What a fantastic attitude to his learning!


Harry worked incredibly hard to write a review of the latest ‘Storm Shield’ coat. He thought carefully about using connectives, a broad range of punctuation and used a range of ambitious vocabulary.  However, Harry doesn’t just apply this level of diligence to one piece of work, he applies it to every piece of work he is given. What an amazing work ethic!

Harry Hall

Three ways to an awesome school!

This morning  Hawk Class went on a fantastic trip to Three Ways School to celebrate the Mid Somerset Music Festival and meet some new friendly faces.

First we walked there and enjoyed the fresh air. Next we entered the hall, where we were divided into groups; Playwrights and Poets Page. Were then welcomed by a man dressed as William Shakespeare.

After a little while we got to do some dancing. Harry enjoyed smoothly swapping places and Lewis loved the sword fighting! Meanwhile others went to the forest filled room to listen to stories and acted particular actions.




Then we had a little break, eating a variety of scrumptious biscuits and fruity squash.  Bella said the biscuits were really yummy and crunchy. Sian said the chocolate chip cookies were really chocolatey.Poppy liked eating the biscuits because after dancing she was really hungry!

We met the Mayor of Bath. Sophie said to Mrs Morris “I don’t believe you, he’s not the real mayor. He is just dressing up.” The Mayor then came over gave Sophie  and Harvey his business card.  Harvey couldn’t take his eyes of the shining, glimmering chain.


We then went to our last activity; singing. We had to sing the alphabet backwards, which was hard. Even the teachers struggled. To suit our Shakespeare theme we sang songs in the round, which were based on this great writer.


Finally we all joined back together be show off our new skills.

What a busy, yet wonderful morning. Thank you to the Mid Somerset Festival and Three Ways School for organising such fun event and thank you to our parent helpers, who kindly gave their time!