Head Teacher’s Award: 29.04.16

Well done Sian and Poppy!

Poppy had produced a beautiful mountain landscape using new skills such as colour blending and wax resist. She has thought carefully about the colours she would use to create a stunning sunrise effect and  has added delicate shadows too.


Sian has worked extremely hard on her exciting mountain adventure story. I was particularly impressed with her use of powerful verbs and exciting adjectives. This clever word choice has me on the edge of my seat wanting to discover what happens next to her main character, Clara.



A Rugby Taster Session

A few days ago, Hawk Class went for a Rugby Taster Session.

We learnt how to run, scan and decide, which will help us to run quickly to the other side of the field.

We would  recommend this session to football lovers because it was both challenging and difficult.

Here are some of our personal highlights…

  • Willis thought it was fun learning new skills
  • Charlotte found it enjoyable because it was fun trying to get to the other side without being tagged
  • Lucy really enjoyed it because it was challenging and fun

Shakespeare: A play in a day!

Last Thursday, we read and performed the play Romeo and Juliet. It was such an exciting story and the class were absolutely gripped! The children had their own scenes to focus on; they made props, created 15th century style music and had an acting workshop with our resident expert, Miss Puddick.

Here are some of our pictures and and thoughts on the experience.


Hawk Class thought:

  • Willis thought making the props was fun and found the play challenging
  • Ethan found it hard to perform in front of the class but he liked making the props
  • Poppy thought it was fantastic to learn things about Shakespeare
  • Charlotte enjoyed performing it
  • Jacob thought it was really fun turning a real play into our own imagination
  • Molly thought it was really fun but it was challenging to learn her lines
  • Mia thought it was amazing performing in front of the class and she enjoyed making her props
  • Harry W thought it was really hard but we all managed it!
  • Harry H thought it was exciting to perform but it was tricky to learn his lines
  • Corey found it hard to read the lines but he enjoyed it

…Next stop the Globe Theatre!

Blending Colours

This afternoon, we have been painting beautiful mountain landscapes. The class have very much enjoyed learning new skills, for example, blending colours, using perspective as well as wax resist (we got to draw with candles!).

Although we have not yet finished, we thought you might like to see our progress.

We can’t wait to show off our finished works of art!

Everest drama

Over the next few weeks we will be drafting, writing, editing and finally publishing an adventure tale about climbing to the summit of Mount Everest. We are extremely excited!

Today we began to consider how it might feel to climb the worlds tallest peak:

  • Terrifying at moments
  • Scared to the bone
  • Breathtakingly terrifying
  • My heart would be pounding wildly
  • Jaw dropping
  • I would have to clutch onto a rope

Hawk Class really brought this to life though freeze frame drama. The children acted out scenes from the story ‘Journey to the Summit’ and considered some of the senses they might experience.

Here are some photos of the children practising their exciting scenes.