A Taster Tennis Session

Yesterday, Hawk Class has the wonderful opportunity to develop their tennis skills with the help of a coach.

The sun shone for us and everybody enjoyed firstly practising their ball skills and then their racket skills. It was amazing how the children were beating their own rallies time and time again. Jacob even managed a rally of 37!

The coach was very impressed and commented on the high level of coordination in Hawk Class.

…Perhaps Wimbledon beckons?


Alex Rider StormBreaker by Harvey

.Book Review: Alex Rider StormBreaker by Anthony Horowitz

(May contain spoilers if you haven’t already read the book).

I have been reading this book roughly for a year and im 27 pages away from the ending, and so far I am enjoying this book and I cannot wait until I finish it.

This book is about a young man who’s uncle has just died and he was a secret spy working for MI6, now the young man named Alex Rider has to take on the role of his uncle, to find out who killed him.

Alex has been equipped with a Nintendo ds which cartridges can be used to blow up things and to hack into software, a yoyo which can attach to belts and can grapple onto objects, also some zit cream that can melt metal in a matter of seconds.

Alex got told at 3:02am in the morning, at the age of 14 that his uncle had recently died in a car accident,(well that’s what they say…).

What I like about the book.

I like that it has lots of scary and dramatic moments throughout the book so far and that it doesn’t give the identification of characters straight away so it give the book suspense (even though its tempting to skip pages to find out more)(but you shouldn’t do that otherwise its doesn’t have the suspense that I like).

What I don’t like about the book.

I don’t like the fact it doesn’t have many pictures in the book to help with my imagination, there’s only four illustrations.


I would recommend this book to people because it leaves more to the imagination and helps you build on your sentences because it goes into so much detail that it sticks into your mind!.


I would rate this book 9 ¾ / 10 stars because I haven’t finished reading or otherwise it would have been a 10!

By Harvey

Tom Gates by Joel

Tom Gates is a funny book series about a school boy called Tom. His
sister is ALWAYS grumpy and the teacher is very strict. The story and
pictures are amusing and I laugh a lot. There’s nothing I don’t like
about them! I would recommend these books to boys and girls who like
to laugh out loud

Atticus Claw Book Review By Bella



For my book review I would like to tell you about ‘Atticus Claw settles a score’, which I really enjoyed reading.

This story is about a cat called Atticus, who stops an evil crime and settles a score with some old friends, who were not very nice, and also not cats!

What I liked about the book

What attracted me to the book was the character, Atticus, as I love cats. Although, you do not need to like cats to enjoy Atticus’ adventures.

The book was full of drama and funny characters, which made it very exciting as I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. The most exciting bit was when the bad guys, Ginger Biscuit and Zenia Klob were just about to steal the Queens jewels.

What I disliked about the book

I can honestly say there was nothing I didn’t like about this book!!

The only thing I would say I would like to see more pictures in the book because I think if little children were reading this they would expect more pictures.

My Recommendation and Conclusion  

I would recommend this book to people over age 8 who love lots of exciting drama n the books they read. When I was reading this I could not wait to pick it up again to see what would happen next. I can’t wait to read the next series of the book to see what Atticus will get up to next…

Bella Godbold

Atticus Claw Goes Ashore by Todd

Atticus Claw Goes Ashore” is a great story  but I don’t want to spoil the book. The book is about Atticus who is a police officer with Inspector Cheddar and there is Mrs Tucker who used to be a secret agent called Agent Velk. I  will also mention a wishing  mermaid .

I liked the  rhyme to summon the wishing mermaid “Mermaid Mermaid on the shore, please grant me what I’m wishing for.” I think the book is very exciting and keeps me on my toes.

There is nothing I don’t like about the book.  I would recommend all six Atticus Claw books to others.

Read the book yourself to find out if Atticus survives.

I would give this book a hundred stars!!!

by Todd Clay

Call for Parent Helpers!

On Friday, the Year 3’s ( of both Hawk and Eagle class) will be walking down to BCA for an exciting athletics session .

We would really appreciate three parents helpers. The class will be leaving at 9:00 and will return by 11:00 am.

If you think you could kindly give your time to this we would be extremely grateful. Either pop in tomorrow or send me an email.

Thank you in advance!

The Rescue Princesses-The Stolen Crystals by Evie.

A review of the book, The rescue princesses-The stolen crystals.

The book is about four princesses who try to stop the thieves stealing the Ornica crystals from The Kingdom of Ornica where there also lives a baby panda.

They have an adventure and save the crystals from the thieves and keep the baby panda safe.

I liked the bit where they saved the panda.

I did not enjoy the bit where the thieves nearly got the crystals.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about princesses.

I would give this book 3/5 stars because it was not exciting enough for me.


By Evie Francis-Cook