Super Special Smoothies

This week, we have been making some super special banana smoothies. They will help to give you a boost of energy in the morning. Maybe you will enjoy making them too?

Here is the recipe…

serves 5 children

You will need a blender


  • 2 bananas
  • 2 tbsp of honey
  • A pint of milk 


    1. Firstly, peel and mash the bananas thoroughly before placing them into the blender.
    2. Then measure 1 pint of milk and pour it into the blender.
    3. Meanwhile, put two tablespoons of honey into the blender.
    4. Next, blend the ingredients until the mixture is smooth.
    5. Finally taste it!

Hawk Class thought they were delicious!


Trying new foods at Sainsbury’s

Last Thursday afternoon, half of Hawk Class marched to Sainsbury’s, Odd Down to learn about different healthy foods, allergies and even had the chance to try some new exotic fruits.

Firstly, we had to spilt foods into different categories including dairy, protein and fats and sugars with Dale. We worked as a team and had to look really carefully at the labels.

After that, it was time to taste some new fruits. Apricots, mango, lychee, physalis and sharon fruit were all on the menu. I was really impressed with the children because everybody tasted every single fruit (although some were later disposed of). They all enjoyed at least one and were able to take their favourite home with them.

We then went shopping around the store with Sarah to buy the ingredients for banana smoothies and muffins. It was really important that we looked carefully at the allergy information to make sure we were all able to enjoy the recipe. We were all astonished by how light the granulated sweetener was!

Our thoughts…

  • Poppy thought it was great fun!
  • Joel enjoyed eating the fruits, lychee was his favourite.
  • Reuben liked trying new fruits like the physalis.
  • Daniya enjoyed going shopping because she like finding the different ingredients for the banana smoothies.
  • Summer liked going shopping because she enjoyed finding the different cake mixtures.
  • Corey also liked trying the new fruits, his favourite was mango.
  • Jacob enjoyed organising the products into different food groups.
  • Charlotte enjoyed getting the ingredients for the muffin because she liked discussing whether it was suitable for the different allergies.

We had a wonderful time and Sainsbury’s were even generous enough to give us the ingredients for the banana smoothies, which we have made today.

Thank you to everyone who was so welcoming at the Odd Down Sainsbury’s!

A Bakery Trip to Sainsbury’s

This Thursday, the class had a wonderful time at Sainsbury’s in Odd Down. They made us feel very welcome and many of the children learnt lots about baking bread as well as looking behind the scenes of the store.

Firstly, we spilt into four groups where some children carefully shaped their own rolls. Others looked at the ingredients of bread and hot cross buns. Another group tasted a variety of delicious breads and finally another group completed a quiz. Then we swapped over.

After that, one group went shopping for the ingredients to make soda bread, which we have taken back to school to make next week. Another group had a tour of the bakery to see how doughnuts are made and how bread is sliced. It was really cool!

  • Willis thought it was really fun making the rolls.
  • Sian enjoyed looking at the bakery.
  • Josh liked tasting the different bread.
  • Lucy enjoyed shaping the bread into a smiley face.
  • Ethan also liked shaping the bread. He shaped it into a set of headphones.


Cooking Week: Pad Thai

This week, Hawk Class have had a busy cooking week making Pad Thai and taking a food-based trip to Sainsbury’s (another blog post to follow).

We used some new Asian ingredients including rice noodles, pak choi, bean spouts, limes, fish sauce and chillies and therefore some new flavours to taste.

We loved chopping the vegetables and smelling all the exotic smells and it tasted delicious. Having tried noodles for the first time, Corey now wants to eat them everyday!

Miss Puddick was really impressed with how brave and willing to try the new ingredients they were.


Great job Hawk Class!

Perfect Pop Artists

Today we have been painting Andy Warhol inspired self-portraits.

First we traced pictures of ourselves and transferred them onto blank pieces of paper. After that, we painted our pictures using bold and abnormal colours. Then we focused on the beautiful background, starting to draw patterns in pencil, then painting using new colours.101_2769.JPG

Here’s what we thought:

  • Mia thought it was really fun because she loves art!
  • Todd found it wonderful and exciting.
  • Sophie thought it was relaxing and creative.
  •  Poppy though it was amazing because she could change her body colours.
  • Will found it really creative and enjoyable.
  • Harvey found it eye-catching and enjoyed the fact it stood out.