Baking Bread in the Classroom

Last week we had a wonderful time independently working though a recipe for soda bread. The children had to work together in small groups of four. First we had to half the recipe to ensure we had enough ingredients, then we had to read the recipe really carefully before using scales, specific spoons and measuring jugs to identify the correct amounts needed.

While the classroom got a little floury, we had great fun and the soda bread rolls were delicious!


Hunting for Invertebrates

Are part of our new science topic, Living Things, we have been learning how to classify a range of plants, animals and other objects using Venn and Carroll diagrams.

We particularly enjoyed walking over to the field with Eagle Class to hunt for different invertebrates. We found crustaceans such as wood lice, arachnids such as a spider as well as insects, including ants, flies and even a beetle.