Rugby Tots

This term, Hawk Class are lucky enough to have rugby coaching sessions from a Bath Rugby coach. So far it has been a fantastic chance to get onto the field and get moving.

We played lots of tag rugby games and learned how to throw and catch a rugby ball correctly. This took some practice to master, but by the end of the session children were using their ‘W fingers’ and launching the ball from their sides.

By the end of the term we will have a class team fit to play at Twikenham!


Character Descriptions

This week in Literacy we have been looking closely at different characters using SPAM to help us. No I’m not talking about the meat! Character SPAM looks at the speech, personality, appearance and movement of a character to help us understand them.

First the children worked in groups to look at popular characters; Shrek, Captain Hook and Dory to name a few. 

After this they  worked on their own to look at a stone aged character from the book Stone Age Bone Age. I think we we’ll produce some brilliant writing from this.

Rounding Puzzles

During maths today, we challenged the children to apply their new knowledge of rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 while completing a puzzle. Not only did this test their mathematical skills but also their ability to work as a team.

Quotes from the class

  • Theo found it tricky but very fun
  • Sian thought it was very challenging but she enjoyed it
  • Ella said it was really hard but it was fun to work in a team
  • Summer found it really challenging but she really enjoyed it because it helps her learn. She enjoyed helping the other children on her table.
  • Willis enjoyed solving the puzzle and even though it took him a couple of attempts he felt really good when he succeeded.

Theo loved this puzzle so  much that he came back during his lunch break to have a go at another!


The Human Number Line

One our focuses in Maths this week has been placing numbers on a number line and we thought this was the perfect excuse to get outside!

We made our own human number line from zero to one hundred were each child was given a number and they had to find their spot. To make things even more challenging they weren’t aloud to talk!

Hawk Class did a great job and, after a couple of swaps, created a perfectly ordered number line. The best thing about this fun task was the impact it had on their maths work; they could really visualise where their numbers sat on the line when working independently.


Hawk Class Information and Routines

If you missed our class open afternoon or you need to double check something then this might be useful!


Homework will be given on Friday and handed in the next Wednesday.

  • English comprehension or maths workbook
  • Spellings and sentences
  • Optional topic/ English or maths
  • Reading for 15 minutes every night.

If your child is struggling with the homework, then there will be a homework club in Hawk Class on Tuesday lunch time. If they do not hand their homework in on time then they will have to attend the Wednesday homework club in Eagle Class. Failure to hand in homework  on time will result in a yellow card.

They can always come and ask me for help!


In school we have wonderful parent helpers reading with the children every Monday afternoon and Wednesday Morning. Children who are still using the reading scheme will have the opportunity to change their books on these days if they seem secure when reading them.

Free readers can change their books independently, either in EMU or DEAR time everyday.

Children should be reading at home every night, if this is not possible then at least three times a week. I will check their reading records every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during registration. Every time you child reads they will be able to move up their superhero up to the next mission. If they read 11 times them they will receive a housepoint.


Magic Maths: Monday

Magic Multiples (multiplication and division facts): Wednesday and Friday

Spelling: Friday

Grammar: Friday

Mental Maths: Friday


Here is a rough outline of our weekly timetable.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 Maths Maths Maths Maths Assembly
10:10 Assembly Assembly Assembly Assembly Tests
10:30 Book Club Book Club Book Club Book Club PSHE
11:00 Break Break Break Break Break
11:15 Literacy Literacy Literacy Literacy Topic
12:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
1:45 French Music Outdoor PE ICT Homework
2:20 RE Indoor PE Art/Topic Science Enrichment