Painting our Bronze Age Swords

Yesterday, we carefully painted our Bronze Age swords, selecting realistic metallic paints. The results are fantastic and you would almost think you had a room full of newly discovered weapons straight from the era.

Soon you will be able to see them gleaming on the wall!


How To Make Christmas Lanterns

During our literacy lessons we are learning to follow, analyse and write detailed instructions. Today we followed some basic instructions on how to make a beautiful Christmas lantern. We had great fun following the instructions and making our own.

Here are some of the fantastic creations we made…

After we had made our own, we were able to expertly analyse the basic instructions given to us. As a class, we felt they needed to add more expanded noun phrases, conjunctions, fronted adverbials and adverbs. We were then able to write our own, detailed instructions that included all the important R2s left out above.


Our gorgeous lanterns are now hanging in the classroom giving the room a festive feel!

Making Bronze Age Swords

Last Thursday, we had a wonderful day in Hawk Class developing our skills in Design Technology by building historically accurate Bronze Age swords. Having previously researched and designed a range of Bronze Age swords, we were keen to begin building right away.

The children used thick cardboard to draw their designs on, but even then they had to think of ways to reinforce their sword and keep it strong in battle. They made sensible choices by reinforcing the cardboard with wooden lolly sticks and extra bars of strong cardboard. To help give their swords individuality, children also carefully added raised pieces of cardboard for a clever effect.

In the afternoon, it was time to get messy! We got the paper mache out and covered our swords with thick layers of newspaper. We had a lot of fun getting our hands stuck in.

Our Bronze Age swords are now drying and we will paint them sometime over the week. We can’t wait to show you the wonderful results.

How to make a Bronze Age sword

Today in our topic session, we watched a fascinating video about how people from The Bronze Age made their tools and weapons. The class were so fascinated by it they have asked me to put a link to the video on this page so that they can watch it at home.

Just copy and paste the link into your browser:

We hope you enjoy the clip as much as we did!

Investigating Fractions of Sweets

On Tuesday, we completed an exciting maths investigation.  We worked in pairs to find out which fractions were in our tempting sweet packets. We had great fun counting up the total number of sweets to  find the denominator and then separating the various flavours to find the numerators. We discovered that every packet was different, so our fractions all varied.

After we had worked out our particular fractions we recorded our findings carefully. Several children chose to challenge themselves by finding the equivalent fractions too.

It was a really fun maths lesson with a tasty treat at the end!

Glazing Fossils

Last week, the children created ‘fossils’ by imprinting natural matter in clay. Today, they finally  came out of the kiln and were ready to glaze!

We used rock-like colours to glaze our tiles in order to keep them as authentic as possible. The children covered their whole fossil with the thick glaze, taking care to fill the tricky holes as well. Altogether they gave their three coats of glaze and made sure that none of it crept onto the bottom of the ‘fossil’ or it might stick to the kiln.

Again we will have to wait patiently for the final piece as our beautiful ‘fossils’ need to go back into the kiln.