A Penguin Party!

Today in Hawk Class, we have worked hard to develop our cutting skills whilst making a very cute waving penguin.

These will make fantastic Christmas cards for the children’s nearest and dearest!


Exploring shadows

This morning, we used torches and a range of opaque, transparent and translucent objects to explore shadows.

The children discovered some fascinating results;

Opaque objects created the darkest shadows.

Transparent objects created weaker shadows.

Translucent objects created very little shadow.

We also looked at where the shadow lay and then had a sketching challenge, which the children found very difficult. They had to sketch a still life, with shadows, but they could not use a rubber.  Instead they had to use a very light stroke and build the image slowly. This meant that not only did they learn about shadow placement, but also had to develop their pencil control.

Exploring light

This week in Hawk Class, we have been learning all about light; looking at sources of light, exploring how it travels and how we can bend it.

We had fun today finding objects in the class that were opaque (let no light through), translucent (let some light though) and transparent (completely clear and let all of the light through). We experimented with three different light sources; the sun, light bulbs and torches and recorded our finding in a table.

Beautiful Bird Decorations

Yesterday in Hawk Class, we made beautiful bird decorations, which will be perfect to place on our Christmas trees at home later this month.

We began by choose unique colour combinations and designing our birds, before carefully cutting and pinning our work.

After that it was time to get on the sewing machine! For many, this was the first time they had used a sewing machine and we had lots of naturals machinists in the class.

Next we stuffed our birds with toy stuffing and then added decorative extras such as wings, beads and buttons. They are now decorating our class Christmas tree and helping us to feel festive!101_3803

An Astronomy Workshop

On Wednesday, we had a wonderful afternoon with Pip’s Dad learning all about light and its incredible ability to help scientists make new discoveries about our universe.

The children had the opportunity to make a spectroscope, which created amazing rainbows, and they loved seeing the many rainbows in their special glasses.

It was a really wonderful way to launch our light topic as we will be having a focused science week, based around that topic, starting on Monday.

Hawk Class need to say a very big thank you Mr Holbeche for sharing his fascinating knowledge!