The Fantastic 500 Words!

Wow Hawk Class! I have been incredibly impressed with your beautiful, terrifying and funny stories. They are now proudly displayed on our board for everybody to read.

Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into your writing. I know lots of you spent a very long time working on your wonderful tale. Also many of your parents helped you a lot when you submitted your story, so please say a big thank you to them too!

Now we will wait for them to be read by the judges!



Explanation Text

This week in literacy, we have begun to learn about explanation texts; looking deeper into explaining how and why things happen or work.

Today the children were presented with a conundrum…How did the elephant get into the tree. The class worked together to produce a  detailed , yet wildly creative explanation of this!

You can read it below:

Image result for elephant in a tree

How the enormous elephant got stuck in the tree

Ian the elephant, who had a very big head, wanted to escape from a sleek tiger pursuing him.

Firstly, Ian was quickly running away from then vicious tiger. Then suddenly,a lime green alien ant swiftly sucked him up. After that, an alien beam shot poor Ian onto the colossal, jagged tree.

A Call for Parent Helpers!

As you know, Hawk Class will be visiting Pizza Express for a specialist pizza making session on Tuesday 7th February. As we will be getting the bus into town, we will need two extra adults to help guide the children safely to the restaurant in The South Gate Centre. Image result for pizza expressIf you would be free on that Tuesday morning (9:00-12:00) then please comment below or pop in and see me.

Thank you in advance!

The 500 Words Competition

Image result for 500 words 2017

Due to the fact that homework is slightly different this week, I thought I would offer some more information on the blog.

This year, the school is really getting behind Radio 2’s 500 Words competition and we have decided to set it as our weekly homework. We think this is a fantastic opportunity to get you writing some brilliant and creative stories and believe that you could do really well in this national competition!

The homework

Have a go at entering The 500 Words story writing competition. Your can complete the mild work by writing 200 words, the spicy by writing 400 words or the hot by writing the whole 500 words! Type it up on a word processing programme, submit it online and print of and bring in your story or email it to me (my email address is on the school webpage) and I will print it off at school.

If  you do not have access to a computer at home, then you can write in on the paper we have given you and type it up at homework club. There will be a chance to print it out then.

A one-off 500 words club!

As well being given to the chance to use computers during homework club, myself and a brilliant parent helper will also offer a one off after school club, in the ICT Suite, that will provide you with the chance to type up and submit your wonderful stories.

The club will run from 3:20-4:00pm on Thursday 26th January. It will be open to all junior children and if you want to come, you will need to bring in a permission slip.

Useful links:


If you have any other questions, then you can email me or ask a question by commenting on this blog post and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.

Happy writing Hawk Class, I can’t wait to read your stories!


Exploring Skeletons

Today we have been looking at a variety of different skeletons; endoskeletons, where the skeleton is on the inside of the body, exoskeleton, when the skeleton forms a thick armour our the body and finally, hydrostatic skeleton, where the structure is created by fluid.

Things got a bit fishy (pardon the pun) when we looked at real prawns to examine the exoskeleton. We certainly had to open the windows afterwards.

After this, the children were able to sort a variety of animals into the various skeletal groups.

Using Musical Notation

While the Year 3 children were busy playing the drums, the Year 4 children were beginning to look at the basics of musical notation. First they had a go at speaking the syllables, using the names of fruits to help them (pear, apple and pomegranate). After they had got the hang of this they began to clap out various rhythms before creating there own. The children loved sharing their bar of four notes and we all had a go at clapping every bodies creation.