A Pancake Party

As Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday as we learnt) is quickly coming our way, we thought it would be a great opportunity to learn about mass and capacity while making a delicious pancake mix. It really inspired the class and helped them understand why measuring is such an important mathematical skill.

Our pancake recipe


  • 100g of plain flour
  • 2 large eggs
  • 300ml of milk


  1. Put the flour, eggs and milk into a bowl, then whisk with a fork to a smooth batter. The cover with cling film and set aside to rest.
  2. With an adult, set a medium frying pan over a medium and carefully wipe it with some oiled kitchen paper. When hot, cook your pancakes for 1 minute on each side until golden (flip them if you can).
  3. Serve them with your favourite filling.

I (Mrs Norgan) wish you a wonderful Pancake Day and hope you all have a chance to get flipping!


Making Muscles

Last Thursday, Hawk Class learned about how the different muscles and joints in our bodies work.

Firstly, we talked about what muscles were and what their purpose was. We then enjoyed locating lots of different muscles on our bodies (even our gluteous maximus!). We then explored hinge joints, cup and ball joints, saddle joints as well as the gliding joints. We loved testing these joints out using our bodies.

After that, we took a deeper look at our arm, focusing on the hinge joint of the elbow and the bicep and tricep muscles. We had a go at making our own and observed the biceps contracting as the triceps relaxed.

Remarkable Roy Lichtenstein

In our art lesson today, we were looking at some excellent pop art by cool Roy Lichtenstein.

We observed a variety of Roy Lichtenstein’s work and we gave our opinions.

Hawk Class thought:

  • Sam though his work was really exciting and it had a great 3D effect.
  • Brooke found it fun looking at the pictures because it was 3D.
  • Violet though it was creative and fun.
  • Jacob liked how Roy Lichtenstein used lots of explosions.
  • Viabhav like the fact he was a real artist.
  • Willis found it interesting looking at what he had done because their were lots of explosions.
  • Pip never knew about pop art until today and he thought it was really epic!
  • Ollie though his creations were really popular because most people liked his art.
  • Louis thought it was really good because he never knew art could be that amazing. He thought all the detail was really good.
  • Theo like the cartoons and the bright colours he used.

We then had a go at drawing our own onomatopoeic words, inspired by Lichtenstein.

We will be painting their wonderful, cartoon style artwork next week!

Time Puzzles

During our maths lessons, Hawk Class are learning about time. Today they had to work together in small groups to solve some tricky time puzzles, where they had quickly convert the times between an analogue and digital clock.

While many teams were successful in finishing their puzzles, some had to be really resilient and keep trying. One child even said ‘It’s OK, we just need to persevere!’ This is such a wonderful attitude. I was really impressed with the efforts of all the children and how they worked brilliantly as a team.