Rumbling Rugby

This week, some coaches from Bath Rugby came in to improve our rugby and maths skills.

During the maths session we examined the recent British rugby match tables. We looked at the scores of the matches and  we found the total number of point earned by rugby clubs including: Sale Sharks, Bristol Rugby, Wasp, Bath Rugby and Leicester Tigers.

We then walked over to the field and played ‘stuck in the mud’ with rugby balls and our coach taught us how to do a pop pass. To practise this skill we played a game of ‘piggy in the middle’ with four people throwing the ball instead of two.

While we were certainly puffed by the end of the session, it was lovely to be outside in the fresh air and on the school field.


Welcome Back!

It has been lovely to welcome everybody back after the Easter Holidays. With a fresh term we begin a fresh new topic with lots of exciting new information and skills to learn. We will be focusing on geography, learning about vegetation belts and biomes by travelling around the world in eighty days! We will look at grasslands, tundras, rain forests, taigas, savannas and deciduous forests, exploring their different climates, vegetation and animal activity.

Our new topic web was sent home with your children today. However, if it did’t make its way home we have a few more in the classroom. Feel free to help yourself.

This afternoon, we had a lovely time learning the djembe drums as a class. Here are some photos of the session;