Cowboy Cooking

Today in Hawk Class we have been learning about the temperate grassland biome, which is home to many American cowboys. We talked about how tough a cowboy’s day would be and what they would want to eat when they come home. We decided to have a go at making a delicious cowboy’s dinner of cornbread and Midwestern bean chilli and thisĀ is was Hawk Class thought:

  • Louis thought chopping the onions was really fun
  • Nancy like measuring the ingredients
  • Willis enjoyed making the cornbread because he like putting in the melted butter
  • Theo liked measuring the flour to make the cornbread because it was fun to see how the scales worked
  • Oliver thought the cornbread tasted like a cake and Midwestern chilli tasted very, very hot.
  • Emily loved the taste of the chilli!

We spent the morning chopping, mixing and measuring…

Here was the tasty result…


Which we all enjoyed eating outside!


Using a compass

Today we have had great fun in Hawk Class learning how to use a compass. We looked at the various compass points:

  • North
  • East
  • South
  • West
  • Northeast
  • Southeast
  • Northwest
  • Southwest

Then we took advantage of the beautiful weather and located the points in the playground. We found, when standing in the middle of the playground, the beginning of the wooden play equipment pointed north and Hawk Class pointed south.

After we had found all the points in the playground, we created a safari park on the African Serengeti. The children will have to navigate their jeeps through these using all of the compass points.


Story Planning with Comic Strips

This week, Hawk Class are learning about the desert biome. Therefore, during our literacy sessions, we are writing dramatic adventure stories about surviving in the desert.

To help the children plan their exciting stories, they have been creating comic strips.


The children were really focused and look at the fantastic results…

The class are now using these fun comics to help them write their amazing adventure stories.

Debating Deforestation in the Rainforest

This week, we are exploring the rainforest biome. Firstly, we looked at some of the beautiful plants and vegetation that live in the Amazon Rainforest; parrots, monkeys, sloths, tarantulas, Anacondas…the list goes on. In fact we discovered that rainforests are home to over half of the animal and plant species on the planet.

We then looked at deforestation. The class were fascinated and couldn’t understand why the beautiful Amazon was being flooded, burned and chopped down. We learned that space was being made to house cattle, grow crops and timber was used to build houses or make the paper we used everyday. Suddenly, the class understood that the argument was not as black and white as first thought.

The motion was set: This house believe that rainforests should be cut down to produce wood, food and paper.

The class was split into two sides, one arguing for and the other against the motion. Oliver H became our chair person, skillfully inviting those from each side to make their points and arguments.

Although it got a little heated at times, the children all voted at the end. 6 children believed that sadly rainforests did need to be cut down to feed and house the world. 18 children believed that rainforests should not be cut down to preserve natural habitats and possible medicines and cures for diseases.

I am really proud that the children can develop their own opinions whilst respecting others.