Forces and Friction

This week in Hawk Class it is science week! A wonderful week in which we will be learning about forces and magnets. For the first two days, we have focused on forces and friction.

Below, you can see the children learning about the push and pull forces. They had a chance to explore the impact of a push and pull force and then had to sort everyday activities into a Venn diagram. The class even looked at the affects of gravity and air resistance.

Today, the class have completed an exciting experiment exploring how friction can affect speed. To do this we used ramps covered with a variety of surfaces with high and low friction, cars and stop watches. Most of the class found that the car moved the fastest on the ramps with low fiction surfaces, for example, smooth wood.


Swiss Bread (Zopf)

My name is Miss Roth and I’m from Switzerland. During the last three week, I joined hawk class, as it is part of my studies on the Zurich University of Teacher Education. Along with benefiting a lot for my English and teaching skills, I’ve wanted to teach the children in hawk class something about Switzerland and its culture.

This week hawk class had the pleasure to bake some Swiss Bread, which is called ‘Zopf’ in German. In Switzerland it is often prepared for some special events like mother’s day or birthday brunches, but you can also buy it in any supermarket. The Bread can either be eaten sweet with butter and jam or honey or salty with some salami or ham for example. Without question it tastes just as delicious without some toppings and even better when it is self-made.

After preparing and measuring all the ingredients, the children had fun mixing all together and kneading the dough. Even though their hands got a bit sticky, they’ve put all their force into their dough. Once the dough was ready, we’ve let it expand for one hour.

Double its size, the dough could be formed into the typical knotted form the ‘Zopf’ has. Although it was very complicated kneading the dough, hawk class did their best to obtain wonderful breads. Shortly after the formed breads have been swept with a mixture of egg yolk and milk, they made their way directly into the oven. Soon a mouth-watering smell filled the hallway of the school.

The results were incredibly enchanting, all the breads looked, smelled and tasted delicious. Finally our bakers could try their self-made ‘Zopf’, what they’ve really enjoyed. Yummy!

If you want to make a Swiss ‘Zopf’ by your own at home, you can use the following recipe:


1 kg flour
1.5 tablespoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
14g (2x7g sachets) dried yeast
550 ml milk, lukewarm
150 g butter, liquid (cooled down)
1 egg yolk
1 tablespoon milk

Good to know: Half the amount will be enough for 1 Family


  1. Mix flour and salt in a bowl, add yeast, sugar, butter and milk, knead to a soft dough. Needs about 10 minutes by hand.
  2. Cover and let grow for about one hour until size has doubled.
  3. Cut dough in two pieces of the same size. Make two long strips. Weave as shown below.
  4. Put bread on a sheet metal, covered with backing paper, sweep with water. Let grow again for about 15-30 minutes.
  5. Before baking, mix egg yolk and milk. Sweep the dough.
  6. Bake for about 45 to 55 minutes in the lower part of the pre-heated oven at about 200 degree Celsius. (smaller breads: 30-40 minutes)

A Crime Scene in Hawk Class!

Today, Hawk Class were met with a distressing scene. Overnight, our classroom had been badly damaged and Mr Joy had asked us to work like detectives to try to discover who would do such a thing.

The class had to examine the clues and evidence to work out who the culprit was.

Our key findings included:

  • A disrupted roof tile
  • Scratches on the dictionaries and Lego head
  • A page had fallen out of a dictionary
  • A claw
  • A horn
  • Opened draws
  • Saliva
  • Tables and chairs up turned

With this vital information, the class created colour ‘WANTED’ posters to put around the school.

This crime scene completely inspired our writing today and the class created some incredible newspaper reports, comic strips, letters, diary entries and stories, which we later shared with Dove Class.


Welcome to Hawk News!

This week in literacy, we have been learning about newspapers, journalists and news reporters. To help us with this work, we read the The Inuit’s Son and then had to choose a particular part to report on to the class.

Having studied the news reporters on Newsround, we quickly realised we needed to speak clearly, use intonation and expression, face the audience and ask lots of how, who, why, where and when questions to give the audience the best story.

Hawk Class had a great time becoming news reporters and there were lots of giggles! Who knows, St Philip’s today…BBC News tomorrow?

A Trip To The Tumps

Today Hawk Class went on a lovely wellie walk to The Tumps. This was to help us learn about deciduous forests and woods and some of the various animals and vegetation that live there. Luckily, the rain and wind held off and we had a great time collecting specimens.

When we arrived back to school, we tried to identify the various plants using the class knowledge and iPads. We had found a variety of vegetation and clues of nearby animals, including bluebell seeds, wild garlic, elderflower, sycamore leaves, badger sets and pigeon feathers.

After lunch,  we spent some time carefully sketching our favourite specimens. We also had the opportunity to examine them in detail under a microscope and magnifying glass. This really helped us to understand the features of a deciduous woods in the UK.

Some of Hawk’s thoughts:

  • Emily thought it was amazing because she loves walking in the woods with her wellies
  • Louis likes it because he saw lots of things he remembered from Dove Class
  • Willis really enjoyed it because he is used to learning in the classroom but he likes going outside a lot
  • Theo enjoyed learning about the different wildlife
  • Luke enjoyed being with my friends and picking the vegetation
  • Vaibhav likes to see nature, wildlife and the different vegetation because it is so cool in the forest
  • Ollie liked walking with his friends and his mum
  • Summer thought it was really fun and her favourite part was walking and finding things