A Crime Scene in Hawk Class!

Today, Hawk Class were met with a distressing scene. Overnight, our classroom had been badly damaged and Mr Joy had asked us to work like detectives to try to discover who would do such a thing.

The class had to examine the clues and evidence to work out who the culprit was.

Our key findings included:

  • A disrupted roof tile
  • Scratches on the dictionaries and Lego head
  • A page had fallen out of a dictionary
  • A claw
  • A horn
  • Opened draws
  • Saliva
  • Tables and chairs up turned

With this vital information, the class created colour ‘WANTED’ posters to put around the school.

This crime scene completely inspired our writing today and the class created some incredible newspaper reports, comic strips, letters, diary entries and stories, which we later shared with Dove Class.



One thought on “A Crime Scene in Hawk Class!

  1. Wow!!! Well the children came home this evening and they were full of it. They all totally love today’s investigation work especially Calum. Thank you Mrs Norgan!!


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