Brooke’s Review of A Diary of a Wimpy Kid

This book (Diary of a wimpy kid) involves funny, hilarious and crazy things such as : Gets a Santa teddy bear that always watches him!
Author: Jeff Kinney
Name of the book: Diary of a wimpy kid cabin fever.
Nonfiction/Fiction: Fiction
Girl/Boy: Both
My favourite part in the story is when he got the Santa teddy bear that always watches him no matter what because it made me laugh and hooked me into the story.
I recommend this book to people who have a lot off humour and people who like fiction books.
Rating of the book:
I rate it 4 and a half stars because its a great book but I think they can improve on writing more and putting less pictures in it.
Blurb: Greg is a boy who believes in Santa. He gets in trouble with the teacher a lot but you will have to read the book to find out what he does. On the other hand I would never take after him. -Brooke.

Calum’s Review of George’s Marvellous Medicine

Georges Marvellous Medicine book review by Calum

I think George’s marvellous medicine is very good. George’s Granny lives with him & his parents. Granny requires medicine every morning but one day George thought the normal medicine was very boring so he decides to make his own. He empties lots and lots of cans and bottles or whatever he spotted went into the pan to make a potion. He used runny liquid, washing powder and gooey soap. When it was ready he gave it to his granny, it was funny because she almost exploded, then she grew really tall and smashed the house up.

To improve the story I would have liked it if George baked it into a cake for Granny.

My star rating is 5 stars.

Jasper’s Review of Alex Rider: Skeleton Key

Alex Rider    Skeleton Key

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A brief explaination

This fantastic book was written by Anthony Horowitz.  When i read this book quite recently, I really enjoyed it.  My opinion was that it had brilliant action and it was a rip roaring adventure with some fantastic Bond ingredients!

What is the book about?

This book is mainly about a spy called Alex Rider* who goes on a intense exiting adventure on a private island near Cuba.  He is on a deadly mission trying to survive (obviously) but more importantly find the man with the nuclear bomb and find out what he wants to do with it. Alex works for MI6 which is military intelligence but is working with 2 agents from CIA** but turns out Alex himself is the one that survives out of the 3.

This book is full of impact and very exiting action one of my personal favourite descriptions would be, “They lowered their masks and rolled over backwards, disappearing immediately into the depths of the sea. That was the last time Alex saw them alive.”

Extra information

This book could be classed scary at certain times (but not nearly like as scary as the film). Also I would like to add that if you seem interested then getting this book could be a good idea although a idea that would be even better would be getting the first book in the series which is stormbreaker and the second which is point blank as skeleton key is the 3rd book in the series. As well i want to add that Anthony Horowitz is a fantastic author who writes amazing books that i have enjoyed equally so if Alex Rider is too grown up for you then you could just simply buy a different book by him as they are all fantastic. Finally, I would like to mention that I had enjoyed the book so much that 10 days after I read it I read it 3 more times which just proves that it is amazing.


  • it is about a spy and military intelligence which are things that i am fairly interested in so it instantly inspired me
  • I think it is like a young James Bond who is a very famous spy that i much like
  • it is intense and gives a huge load of cliffhangers letting the information slowly ease through
  • the way it hooks you in as soon as the big excitement really starts to reveal

I could go on


  • It takes a rather long time for the big action to begin (too long for my likings)

The holy star rating!!!

drum roll!………………………………………………………….. the o most holy star rating is 2nd drum roll…………………………………………………………………………….2,000,000 stars whoooooo!!

*the entire series is about Alex Rider no surprise there.

**if you were wondering not the singer Cia

Willis’ Review of AniMalcolm

Animalcolm review

By Willis Skardon

Author: David Baddiel

Number of pages: 355

Age range: 8-12


The main character is called Malcolm. He doesn’t like animals yet his house packed to the brim with them. On his birthday he received one of the worst presents ever…but he also got a incredible surprise he was going on a £300 pound trip! However the school trip doesn’t go as expected after a surprise encounter…


The book is hysterical.

The book has lots of drama.


All the different animals get confusing.


I’ve really enjoyed reading Animalcolm because it is really funny. I wished the book was longer.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Emily’s Review of The Midnight Gang

The Midnight Gang

By David Walliams

 What it’s about?

This story is set in a hospital. The main character is a boy named Tom. The reason he is in hospital is he got hit in the head with a cricket bat. When he gets to his ward the children in there are called George, Robin, Amber and Sally. The matron, who looks after the ward, doesn’t like children one bit and is very strict.  The story is their adventures.


The thing I liked about it

The thing I liked and thought the funniest was the bit when Raj put his order in for what seemed like a bathtub of poppadoms! I also like the fact that Tom [the main character] wants to help the most poorly child, Sally.


The thing I don’t like about it

There aren’t any!


my star rating:

* * * * *

Isaac’s Review of How to Train Your Dragon

Book 6- A Hero’s Guide to Deadly Dragons
In this book, Hiccup starts off in a tough situation. He is stranded, dangling on a cliff on his birthday. It is funny how he starts on the cliff and then they tell you why he is there. He meets a hairy scary librarian who chases him and then he finds a book and steals it. He escapes by finding a tunnel full of poisonous Piffleworms.
I like the adventure Hiccup has and it is cool how it shows the book of a Hero’s Guide to Deadly Dragons from Hiccup the horrendous haddock the second. My favourite bit of the book is the dragon profiles. It has all the facts about dragons in the books. I’ve read nearly all of the books but this is my favourite so far because I like the facts at the back about the cards and dragons and a dragonese dictionary (the dragon language).
I think to improve this, at the end of the story part there should have been a birthday party for Hiccup and they all had a big dance.
I give this book: 4.5/5 stars
Hawk Class

Riley’s Review of A Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid


· I like the sense of humor, the jokes are really really funny

· I like the type of pictures that they added, the pictures are very affective

· I liked the quotation from a expert, it was really interesting

· I liked a page because it was funny like I said, all the pages are funny but this one is the best one of them all. So when the wimpy kid was at grandpas house he had this mucky soup and the wimpy kid didn’t like it and his brother knew he didn’t like it. So when he had some he ate it all because I if he didn’t he thought it would be rude then his brother said he wants more then grandpa poured the whole thing over his plate


· I don’t like that the baby is crying so much, it was on quite a few pages

There wasn’t that many dislikes for this book so I would recommend this book to the class. The book color is dark blue. It was from the series of the wimpy kid.

RATING: 5 Stars!