Spaghetti Bolognese: Part Two!

On Wednesday and Thursday, the rest of the class made their delicious spaghetti bolognese.

Here is what the class thought of it:

  • Balian liked the spaghetti because it had lots of bolognaise on it
  • Ezra liked making it and it tasted delicious
  • Carla loved the spaghetti bolognese because she loved weighing the meat and breaking the pasta
  • Amelia liked making and mixing it
  • Gracie M loved weighing because she liked getting messy hands
  • Bright liked the spaghetti sauce so the spaghetti won’t be plain
  • Lisa liked the carrots because they were lovely and crunchy
  • Maisey thought it was really nice
  • Owen thought it was really good
  • Tehzeeb said she had a different version which she found scrumptious
  • Louis liked chopping the onions even though his eyes watered a lot and he had to use a paper towel.
  • Hollie found it really yummy and thought it was nice to stir

Take a look at the pictures


Cooking Week: Spaghetti Bolognese

This week in Hawk Class, we have been learning to make a classic pasta dish from Italy; spaghetti bolognese. The smells wafting over from the cooking room have been unbelievable and children have really enjoyed preparing (at eating!) this family favourite.

Here are some of the photos from the first two group’s cooking sessions:

If you would like to have a go at making this recipe for yourself then here is the link:

Marvellous Measuring

For the last couple of days, we have been looking at measuring and estimating accurately in kilometres, metres, centimetres and millimetres during our Maths sessions. To explore this we have been examining the lots of different distances. For example, we looked at the different lengths of a pencil, book and the junior playground as well as the height of the window, chair and table. We even found of the distance between London and New York (5,585km!).

Here are some photos of our work…