Science Week

This week is science week in Hawk Class and our topic is electricity. Today we had great fun exploring basic circuits, plugs and games that relied on electricity.  Here are some of the photos from our first elicitation session.




Last Wednesday, we had a fantastic time at Caerleon in Wales exploring the museum, lovely mosaics in the baths, lush green amphitheatre and the barracks. Here are some of our thoughts and photos.

Hawk Class thought:

  • Amelia loved going to the roman school where the girls got to sit on posh sofas.
  • Ben really liked the videos funny videos in the baths because he learnt about how they kept clean.
  • Louis thought it was very interesting because it was real roman ground and over 2000 years old. It made him feel like he was actually a Roman.
  • Juliet hadn’t ever seen anything like that before and she particularly liked the roman school.
  • Hollie liked the school as well because she enjoyed learning the roman numerals.


As part of our Roman topic, Hawk Class learned all about the dramatic and rather brutal life of a gladiator fighting in Rome’s glorious Colosseum. We explored the various types of gladiators; what they wore, the weapons they were armed with and the terrifying animals they were faced with (tigers, crocodiles and bears among many others).

The class then used this information to create their own ferocious gladiator puppets which looked fantastic. Have a look at the petrifying results…

We want YOU in The Roman Army

This Monday in Hawk Class, we investigated what it took to be a soldier in The Roman Army: what they ate, how they trained, what they wore and how they had fun.

The class then got creative by working together to make their own eye-catching recruitment posters, telling young Romans lots of information about the army life and persuading them to join up.

Here are some photos of our designers hard at work:

Roman Topic Day

On Wednesday, the Junior School had a special day called Roman Day. We did lots of fun activities and visited lots of different classes. Read on if you want to find out about our day.

Firstly, we went to Eagle Class to make a special, green crown were we particularly enjoyed cutting out the paper plates and light green leaves. After that, we had a little break before going off to visit Mr Bently-Taylor in Kestrel Class. Here we acted like roman children and painted our own mosaics, we thought they were very creative. Next, we went to Owl Class where we re-enacted the battle between the Romans and the Celts by making powerful catapults before having our lunch.

After lunch, we went to Osprey Class and designed roman buildings, which were big, tall and posh with grand pillars. Finally, we arrived back in Hawk Class. What a busy day.

Hawk Class particularly enjoyed…

  • Tehzeeb enjoyed the battle because she liked being part of a team
  • Hollie liked painting the mosaics carefully because she liked dabbing the paint with the stick
  • Amelia enjoyed making the crowns with Miss Ashby because it was fun sticking the leaves down.
  • Shay liked doing the battles and liked buying the catapults
  • Joe really enjoyed making the roman building because it was really creative and he likes drawing