Expressionist Art

Today Hawk Class became expressionist artists! We started the morning learning about August Macke, a member of The Blue Riders Group in Germany, and how he painted the world with the bold shapes and colours of how everything felt like instead of what it really looked like.

We then thought about our happiest memories this term and how we could paint them in a way that showed how we felt about them. The class used double dip painting to create colourful, expressionist works of art before transforming them into calendars to take home.



Making Roman Coins

Today, we put our mathematical knowledge of roman numerals to good use and made some fabulous Roman coins using clay. The class shaped their coins carefully and worked hard to make them look authentically old. Next week we will glaze them so they will really shine.

Sewing Christmas Stockings

Yesterday, Hawk Class got crafty and made beautiful Christmas stockings embellished with a fun, festive design. Although this wasn’t always an easy process and at times took a great deal of resilience, the children worked really hard and have produced some fantastic, intricately sewn stockings. It was particularly exciting for children to use a sewing machine as well as hand sewing as many had never used one before.

Here is the design and making process:

Here are some of the finished stockings hanging from our class tree. Don’t they look amazing!


A trip to The Roman Baths

Yesterday, Hawk Class got the Park and Ride bus into Bath City Centre and visited the wonderful Roman Baths. First we completed an exciting workshop where we were able to dress up like the Romans, wearing togas, stolas and pallas, create wonderful mosaics and learn a bit more about the foods that were enjoyed by the Romans (brains and mice were delicious delicacies). After a good lunch, we had a tour around the baths using the audio guides. The class loved typing the numbers into their headset and spotting the next number to listen too.

These were some of Hawk Class’ favourite parts:

  • Amelia liked putting her hand above the hot water and feeling the natural heat
  • Oliver Like looking at the waterfall and smelling the sulphur because it smelt really eggy
  • Tehzeeb enjoyed seeing the money in the water, there were so many coins, she couldn’t count.
  • Bright liked carefully aiming a coin into the water
  • Louis really liked the waterfall because he saw some roman coins. He wondered if they had been discovered before.
  • Juliet liked making mosaics in the workshop because she could use lots of different colours.
  • Chloe enjoyed lifting heavy blocks because she¬† could imagine what it was like to be a Roman builder
  • Kyle liked completing the quiz on the head sets