This term, Hawk Class have been learning gymnastics during their indoor PE sessions, with a particular focus on how we can travel. We have explored bunny hops, spider walking, cartwheeling, rolling and finishing like a professional gymnast. This has been lots of fun and Hawk Class particularly enjoyed using the equipment and travelling like monkeys!

Here are some photos:


Science: Plasticine Challenge

Today in Hawk Class we have been working as scientists, exploring the effect of water resistance on differently shaped plasticine models. We carefully designed our three models and learnt how to make predictions based on previous experience.

Here are some photos of Hawk Class working scientifically to produce accurate and precise data.

Painting Active Volcanoes

This term’s topic is Extreme Earth and we have kicked it off with quite a bang!  We have been learning about volcanoes and as part of this we have decided to create some stunning, yet explosive artwork.

First, we painted a dramatic sky by carefully blending blues, blacks, reds and whites.

Next we cut out a volcano shape from sugar paper and added delicate streaking effects.

Finally, the super fun part! We splatted yellow, orange, read and white paint to make our active volcano erupt.

I think they look amazing and hope you agree!