Over the year, the Year 3 children in Hawk Class are learning to play the recorders with Miss French. They are working really hard during their lessons and are already reading musical notation, which Miss French said is very impressive for this time of the year.

The children have now mastered Mary had a Little Lamb and have now moved onto a traditional Welsh song. Where will this amazing musical talent take them? Theatre Royal, Colston Hall or The Royal Albert Hall?


E-Safety Day

Hawk Class love using computers both at school and home and use the internet more and more. While the internet is an amazing tool, it is also important that they understand how to stay safe online.

Therefore, on Monday the 5th March, St Philip’s will be having an E-Safety Day and we invite all parents and carers to join us at 6:30pm for a talk on how we can support our children with this as they grow up.

If you have any questions, please come and see Mrs Norgan.

A Visit from Dogs Trust

Today in Hawk Class, we have had an informative visit from Dogs Trust. Helen led the fantastic session, where we we learned what it takes to be a responsible dog owner.

The children got really creative in acting out the various ways that they could be responsible dog owners.

These included…

  • Choosing the right dog your your family
  • Letting them sleep and eat in peace
  • Always clearing up after your dog
  • Training your dog and rewarding them for good behaviour
  • Feeding your pet dog food
  • Putting a collar on your dog
  • Walking it twice a day
  • Taking the dog to the vets regularly


A Lesson in Chinese Art

Today, we were lucky enough to welcome teachers all the way from Southern China. One teacher in particular specialised in Chinese art and was able to show our children how to paint their own lotus flowers. The children even had the opportunity to use traditional Chinese brushes made from bamboo, sheep’s wool and wolves’ hair. These brushes were thick, and when used on their side, created stunning petals.

Here are some of the pictures of the children at work:

Making an Erupting Volcano

Over the last few weeks, Hawk Class have been constructing, painting and now mixing the ingredients to make an erupting volcano. Today, we finally got to complete the experiment and the children began to understand the chemical reaction that occurs between the acid (vinegar) and alkali (bicarbonate of soda). When the two are mixed, bubbles of carbon dioxide are created and these bubbles are trapped by the washing up liquid because of the high levels of viscosity! How fascinating!

Here are some photos of the process:

Constructing our volcano bases

Adding paper mache

Painting our volcanoes

Creating our chemical reaction