Amazing Animations!

I am thrilled to share the amazing results of Hawk’s Animation Day.

Follow this link to watch our film:

Here are the Hawk’s finished characters, can you find your own?IMG_1652IMG_1653IMG_1654IMG_1662IMG_1663IMG_1666IMG_1668IMG_1670IMG_1672IMG_1673IMG_1675IMG_1676IMG_1677IMG_1678IMG_1680IMG_1681Untitled-1 copyIMG_1648


Science Week: Sound

This week was Science Week in Hawk class and we were learning all about sound. We carried out investigations into vibration, the ways in which sound travels and pitch – here are some photos to show how hard we worked as scientists!

A highlight of our week was when we poured different volumes of water into glass bottles in order to create the tune for ‘Hot Cross Buns’. We all managed to get there before the 15 minute timer was up, hooray!

Animation Day

Today Hawk Class have been learning to create their own animated characters and clips using stop motion animation. They moulded plasterscene and found props to create their own film set and everyone had the chance to direct a section of their clip. Angie, our expert coach, told me that they were fantastically behaved and they worked together very well.

Well done Hawk Class. Perhaps Hollywood beckons in the future?

Here is what Hawk Class thought:

  • Gracie M though it was really good because you got to make lots of different models
  • Madison thought it was amazing because she enjoyed working as a team
  • Ezra thought it was really fun because Shay and I had a flying pizza land on the ground and a person ate it.
  • Tehzeeb thought it was fantastic because we got to make our own movies
  • Balian thought it was quite good because you could design your own characters
  • Chloe found it phenomenal because it turned photos into a film
  • Amelia found it very fun and she loved using cling film to make water