Marvellous Beasts!

As part of our Science topic Living Things, we have been inspired by the photographic artwork of Levon Biss. He takes the most amazing photographs of  the tiniest bug on this planet! Please have a look at his website – its fascinating! Image result for levon biss

We tried to look in as much detail and scaled up our drawings before painting them. If you get a chance, have a look in the classroom. They are beautiful.


Later on we classified animals into different groups and worked collaboratively to use key questions to sort them into branching databases. We also learnt the 7 characteristics of living things. Do you know them? Here’s a clue : MRS NERG.



Science Week

Our topic in Science this term is Living Things, so we thought we would get up close with nature and went on a Bug Hunt! It was great fun and we found lots of insects! When we got back to class we got our thoughts and ideas onto paper. What are the characteristics of living things?


Anglo Saxon Art and Crafts

We have been very creative and looked in great detail at the art and crafts used by the Anglo Saxons. We have been weaving  on a cardboard loom – which we found tricky but we persevered! Also we looked at the Sutton Hoo hoard and the amazing details in the helmet that was found. We have been making our own replicas in cardboard.101_6216

Maths in action!

Over the last few weeks the children have been learning a new method to aid them in their maths.  Bar models are a fun and practical pictorial method to solve calculations.

This week we have been using bar models to divide. Some of us went outside and did active maths!


Rugby Skills

This term we have been lucky to have Bath Rugby coming in to work with the class on developing their rugby skills. We have had a great fun and learnt lots of new tag rugby games.

Yesterday, we were very excited to have a real life Bath Rugby star come and work with us. Nathan Catt, helped us with our story writing and played a few games with us too!