Musical Extravaganza!

Wow what a treat we had on Friday! The end of year school concert was amazing! It was lovely to see so many families at the concert and so many proud moments! Each class was superb and pulled off a unique performance in a very hot church!

I was so proud of Hawk children – the truly are all stars in my eyes.


Sugar Smart

The children had a special talk presented by the School Council about the dangers of too much sugar. Ask your child about hidden sugars! It’s shocking in reality how much sugar is actually in foods we think are healthy.sugar.jpg

Books, Books, Books!

This week we are planning our own newspaper reports about the Viking raid at Lindisfarne. Hold the front page!

Also we have been practising our song for the Musical Extravaganza on this Friday! So as not to spoil the surprise, there are no photographs this week! But watch this space for our performance photographs. The show is on Friday afternoon at the church and starts at 1:45pm.

VIP visitors!

Yesterday we had a  couple of very important visitors! Mrs Norgan brought in the very special little boy – Robin ! What an absolute joy! We look forward to seeing and hearing all about Robin – and Mrs Norgan- and their adventures in future.


This term we continue our Invaders topic and this week we have been doing Viking DT.  Firstly we made Viking bread, which was very heavy but yummy, with honey. Later on we finished our Viking longboats. Sadly, only 2 boats sailed the open seas and survived! But it really made us appreciate how amazing the Viking ships were.

Help our Habitats!

As part of the Science week we have looked at global issues of deforestation and the Greenhouse Effect. We created a mud slide and investigated the temperature changes of the climate . Again, the children were extremely thoughtful in their responses and asked some very mature questions. Scientist of the future!101_6301101_6303101_6314101_6315

Viking Longboats

After a fun and very hot Sports Day we returned to our DT project – making junk modelled Viking Longboats. We are working collaboratively and with a specific design brief. We are only half way through, so keep checking in to see if they sink or float!


Also this week is a Science Week – Help our Habitats!  Today we went to the field and had a class debate on whether an adventure playground or a wildlife area would improve the space. The children came up with some really thoughtful points.