Inspiring Inventions

In Hawk class on World Book Day we focused on the book Professor Branestawm by Norman Hunter and in particular the illustrations by Heath Robinson. They children listened to the madcap ideas and inventions and then created their own. Below are some of my favourites. Innovative ideas from across the school!


Magnets, Boom Whackers and Books!

This week has been a very exciting and busy week – especially with the Inset day on Monday taking the learning time down to just four days.

This terms science links into our Race for Space topic as we are investigating the forces around us. Here we are observing and measuring the force of magnets.

Also we had an special visitor, Mr Taylor-Weeks, who introduced the class to the world of Boom Whackers. A truly magnificent sound!

Watch out Stomp. Even Mr Ginns had a go.

Yesterday was World Book Day and our class looked amazing. Great effort from  all and thank you for your support, it makes all the difference.

The children moved around to different classes, where each teacher read a different book and shared an activity with them.

At the end of the day we visited the book fair. May I just comment of the fantastic range of books available. My previous schools never had such  a wonderful range of books and we cannot thank Harry at The Oldfield Park Bookshop enough, as they provide the books for us. This makes the book fair unique and it is specifically for our children. What a treat. Please support our local bookshop on Moorlands Road. It makes the high street even more special.

Awesome Work

This Term the children have been searching the skies to learn about our planet and its place in the Solar System. We have looked at the Moon and the Stars. We have been true stargazers. In Art we have been inspired by the artwork of Peter Thorpe and in English we have built our own Spaceships. Now we are ready for next term and for the new topic  to blast off for THE RACE FOR SPACE

Belated Happy New Year

Welcome back the children have definitely come back ready and excited about our new Star Gazer topic. Already we have had some out of this world work.

We have created our own aliens in French and we also created galaxy paintings.


Unfortunately, last term I had a problem getting photos off the camera, which I have now solved so here are some pictures from the end of last term.

The camera completely broke on our wonderful climbing trip! Sadly these are the only ones I could salvage.


We also took a little walk to visit the sheep that the children had helped to create for the church Nativity Scene.