Clip and Climb Reminder

On Monday children need to bring a packed lunch, a drink, and wear climbing clothes – joggers, hoody/sweatshirt, and trainers – they can wear school outdoor PE kit. Please come ready to go. We will eat at the activity centre and be back at school for afternoon lessons. It is cold inside too so coats are a must.



World War 1 Day

Hawks took part in the KS2 WW1 day on Wednesday.They learnt Morse code, all about trench warfare, friends and foes, and propaganda. I was so proud of the class, as every teacher commented about how polite and involved they were in their tasks. Just as they always are! Well done also all those that dressed up!



Apologies for the photograph, on its side, I am having a technical problem re orientating.

We finally managed to paint and complete our trenches too. Great teamwork!


Plus we all managed to log on to Doodle Maths. All the children enjoyed learning how to use our new maths app. Don’t forget to come along on Thursday at 2:45 for Mrs Coppen’s session on how to support your child at home in using this brilliant new tool.


New online Maths resource

Image result for doodle maths


We are all very excited to start using our new resource and the children will start using this resource next week. This will be a App that the children can access at home. They will have a login for their account. This will replace Mathletics.

There will be a special training and information session at school at 2:45 on Thursday 13th December.  Please come along as it will help you to support your child’s learning in a fun  and interactive way.


DT collaborative trenches

Over the last few weeks we have been working together to design and create a WW1 trench model. The children have had to think about how to join and strengthen paper and card. Plus they have had to listen and work together as a team. Next week we will be painting them and adding in the finer details. Also on Wednesday we will be having a WW1 topic day in KS2.

Well done!

The class are currently writing diaries in English. Lacey wrote her recount with great care and focus. She hit her targets for writing and we are all proud of how hard she works. Well done Lacey.

Next week the children will be writing with empathy. They will be writing a diary entry from a child in 1914 and about their day at school. So expect the recounts to be full of the cane, cold classrooms, chalk, ink and the dunce’s cap!


Parliament Week

This week is Parliament Week and on Wednesday the children learnt about why voting is important, and how over the century people have struggled to achieve equality, and fought for their right to vote. Miss Jones led the class in a debate and discussion about women’s suffrage.  We all found it fascinating.101_6826